The Notado website officially supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on desktop operating systems and Safari on iOS.

While other browsers may be compatible, they are not actively tested against and full compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

The Notado browser extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on desktop operating systems aims to always support the latest stable version of both browsers.

The Notado iOS app aims to always support the latest version of iOS on iPhone and be backwards-compatible up to iOS 13.


You may choose to remain anonymous; the only requirement is a working email address that you have access to.

You may close your account at any time, no questions asked by emailing [email protected].

Your notes will never intentionally be shown to other users with any potentially identifying information, or to third parties, period.

Your email address will never be shared with anyone without your consent.

You will not be served any third-party scripts at any time.

Your data will be backed up regularly, and backups themselves will be regularly restored to test them.

You will receive a full post-mortem of any significant outage including measures taken to prevent a recurrence.

You will have an opportunity to download your data in JSON format in the event that Notado should cease operation.


You must not make automated requests to the site or to the public API more frequently than once every thirty seconds.

You must not abuse Notado by knowingly saving malicious content or links to malicious content.

You must not use Notado to harass other users.

You must not save content that is illegal under New York law.