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Are you a bookmarker? Do you like saving things you read online, archiving webpages to come back to later one day in the future? Do you struggle to remember what it was you liked about that longform piece that you spent half an hour reading? Do you find commentary from discussion threads just as interesting and valuable as the articles you read? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then Notado might be for you!

Notado is a content-first approach to online bookmarking, where the paragraphs and sentences that make you want to bookmark something are treated as first-class citizens rather than pieces of additional metadata. With Notado, your bookmarks focus around selections of text, which are fully searchable and can be organised however makes sense to you with a powerful automatic tagging system.

You might be thinking "I already use Pinboard (❤️), Instapaper, and Readwise and I don't want to change my whole workflow just to try out this Notado thing..." - I hear you! The original webpages of every note that you save to Notado can be automatically synced to Pinboard, Instapaper and Readwise too!

"Yeah okay," I hear you say, "But like, I have all these scripts that let me do ${COOL_THINGS} with the Pinboard/Instapaper API" - I got you! Notado has a full public API available for you to hack away with and build on top of from day one!

"Hmmm... Well... I don't really want to have to check another website, I miss the days where I could just keep up to date with everything on my RSS feed reader" - I feel you! Notado provides private RSS feeds for anybody you add to your network! Like something that comes up in one of your Notado feeds? You can save it to your account without ever having to leave the comfort of your RSS reader!

Notado is currently operating a free open beta! Even if you don't decide to continue using the service after the open beta, you will be able to log in to your account, browse your archive, and export all of your data to use however you want.

Do you spend as much time reading user comments on articles as you do reading the articles themselves? Do you treat user comments as first-class citizens when it comes to your digital text archival strategy? Check out Kullish by Notado!

Kullish is a BYOL (bring your own links) comment aggregator that helps you look past your social media bubbles and echo chambers by default, filter out low-effort filler comments and focus on real conversations, discover smaller communities discussing topics your care about, and it integrates seamlessly with Notado.

No accounts, no social-sign ups, no user tracking, no algorithms tampering with your feed to fuel fear and outrage in order to maximise "engagement". Get started now!


Save notes and highlights by sharing them with NotadoBot



Simple, responsive HTML website that loads fast and gets out of your way



Create rules to automatically apply tags as you save content from across the internet

IF title CONTAINS "Netflix Series" TAG "television"
IF url CONTAINS ANY OF "r/rust" "r/golang" TAG "programming" "reddit"
IF content CONTAINS ALL OF "give you up" "let you down" TAG "1980s" "music"


Save notes and highlights from articles and user comments on your favourite websites with a right-click in Firefox and Chrome






Connect your accounts on third-party services to automatically sync everything you save to Notado








Save and tag comments and text posts directly from their permanent links on popular discussion-driven websites




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